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Nokia Eco Sensor

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Remade is an interesting concept and now let’s see what the new Nokia cell phone concept is all about. It’s called Nokia Eco Sensor and it’s all a green design. It works together with a sensing device companion and it allows the users of such handhelds to share environmental information collected by the phone.

NokiaThe sensor is wearable on the neck or wrist and can observe the environment changes, your health, as well as local weather conditions, while with the cell phone connects to it via the Near Field Communication technology using touch input.
Eco Sensor is customizable with green tools so you can choose between a heart-rate monitor, motion detector for walking, and others.
It could analyze the gas level in the air, ultraviolet radiation, noise level, air pressure, humidity level and temperature.

What would a green phone be made of? It would include printed electronics like conductive inks on plastic, polyactic acid plastics with plant modifiers, elastomers, and recycled steel for the entire casing.
NokiaEco Sensor would be powered by solar energy, heat energy from the user’s arm or kinetic, as much as it needs because the sensing device could be self-powered eliminating the need for external sources.
For the display Nokia could use electrowetting, a next-generation technology consisting of applying electrical voltage to tiny drops of oil, which leads to the expanding and contracting of droplets, so the display will turn On or Off, similar with the pixel lighting process.

Nokia designers and researchers teams try to stimulate the industry to produce environmental-friendly devices and the Eco Sensor is just an example of what green design could become.


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