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Verizon CEO – Sour graping?

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Few weeks before Steve Jobs launched the 3G iPhone, there are already tons of analysts, Apple fans, and investors who have been anticipating the said device. And now that the 3G iPhone will be out on the market on July 11, the Chief Executive Officer of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg, is now sour-graping. Probably because of the attention that the 3G iPhone is currently getting, Ivan Seidenberg said that there is a conspiracy. The press is already declaring the 3G iPhone and the Apple Inc. a winner even before the product and the company have earned it.

The press is now wondering what conspiracy is Ivan Seidenberg is talking about. The 3g Iphone is getting the kind of press that the Verizon is hoping to have. The negative reactionof the hot-headed Chief Executive Officer made the press realize why the CEO didn’t think of ways to keep the Verizon in the eye of the public instead of rant. Currently, Sprint got Samsung Instinct and AT&T got the 3G iPhone. However, Verizon does not have a single device that would compete with the iPhone and Instinct.

Ivan Seidenberg even included Steve Jobs in his rants. He said that the Apple Inc. CEO has no monopoly on innovation and that Steve Jobs will also soon get old. From there, they would take their chances.

Verizon Wireless is currently the leading mobile operator for at least 80 million customers. The question now is that whether the Verizon Wireless will be able to keep those customers few months from now.

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