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Prepaid Disposable Phones

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Hop-On is one of the world’s famous wireless phones and accessories developer but also the first prepaid disposable phones manufacturer. It also provides software for cell phones so you can stream live interactive feed from legal jurisdictions to play poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Recently the company launched the Hop1800 model worldwide. This cell phone is the world’s cheapest, available at just $10 in the United States. These prepaid disposable phones can be used only for making phone calls.

It’s funny to hear it is promoted as the $10 Anti-iPhone as it doesn’t have a display, but its main features include dual-band support, 4 hours talk time, 150 hours standby, polyphonic ringtones support, vibration, and measures just 96.6 x 41.6 x 14 mm at 77 grams. In addition it uses the Infineon sound chip for high audio quality and call stability.

About the design we have to mention its tactile numeric keypad with Braille markings and the fact that it can be co-branded.

“Though the iPhone is an amazing device, I challenge anyone to make a call faster than with the HOP1800,” said Hop-On CEO Peter Michaels. “With the cost of living and roaming fees going through the roof, the HOP1800 is also the perfect iPhone traveling companion. Just buy a local SIM card and you can use the HOP1800 with over 40 domestic wireless carriers,” Michaels said.

Hop-On disposable cell phones cost just 10$ in US and if you return it for recycling you receive $5 back just to Keep it Green.

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