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Project ShapeShift

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Project ShapeShiftBloodRabbit finished his latest cell phone design concept and posted it yesterday on Product Design Forums. It is about a Nokia cell phone bringing a new display concept capable of changing its shape.

Project ShapeShiftThe project ShapeShift is a cool idea that could be realized using a similar method with the way ice cubes are shaped in the bag from your fridge, meaning that in that closed space from this bag, the shape is clearly predetermined. Instead of using colors on a screen with pixels, Nokia ShapeShift would have a preset form and would be made of 2 plastic layers, one would be flexible and the second one would be a hard material, while between these layers would be a special liquid characterized by the same refraction and the plastic. When more liquid is puched between the 2 layers, the preset buttons shapes form on the surface.
Project ShapeShift
BloodRabbit imagines this cell phone measuring 11 x 5,5 x 1,2 cm at 125 grams and with a 4-inch display.

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