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Fido welcomes July by releasing the 3G iPhone price plans

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Recently, Fido has released the price plans for the 3G iPhone were would-be customers have the chance to choose from the wide variety of available plans. They too will sell the 3G iPhone in stores on July 11. The voice and data plans of the Fido for the 3G iPhone will start at $60 that will be paid every month. Because of the different options that the customers can choose from, Fido is hoping that it would meet the demands as well as the needs of the potential Canadian 3G iPhone users.

The first and the lowest option is the $60 plan a month. With this plan, you will get 150 minutes of voice calls. The voice calls will be unlimited during evenings and weekends. Aside from that, users will also get as much as 400MB worth of data and can send at least 75 text messages.

The second to the lowest plan is worth $75 a month. There will be 300 minutes available for voice call, 750MB data, and 100 text messages. Users may also opt to choose the $100 a month plan instead if they want to have 600 minutes for the voice call, receive 1GB data, and send 200 text messages a month.

The highest plan announced by Fido is worth $115 a month. There will be 800 minutes for the voice call, 2GB for the data, and 300 text messages available in the said plan.Free Download software | Tìm kiếm Phim | Xem phim online | Sử dụng laptop | Download phim | Download software

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