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Apple Inc. gains new partner in Asia

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Recently, the meetings between the largest mobile provider in China and Apple Inc. are already back on track. Apple Inc. has already given up its demand for revenue-sharing agreement. However, it gained a new partner where it can distribute the 3G iPhone in Asia. China so far is considered as the world’s biggest market, not only for the mobile industry but for the whole industry as well.

According to the reports from AFP wire services and from the Reuters, the officials coming from the China Mobile Communications Corp. mentioned that the negotiations finally pushed through. Good thing, Apple Inc. no longer demands for the shareof the subscriber revenues. If that would be the case, it will be a big loss for both Apple Inc. as well as China Mobile Communications Corp.

However, although the biggest hurdle for the mobile provider in China has already been cleared, there are still some practical issues that both parties should talk about and resolve if they want the 3G iPhone to be in China before 2008 ends.

Instead of revenue-sharing, Apple Inc. and China Mobile Communications Corp. will be subsidizing the selling price of the second-generation iPhone just like how Apple Inc. and AT&T in United States will do by July 11, 2008.

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