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Hutchison Telecom offers 2-year contract for only HK$7,450

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It’s already July and 3G iPhone prices are being revealed one by one. Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd. also announced its price plan for the 3G iPhone which will be sold in Hong Kong few days from now. However, before interested buyers can avail the 3G iPhone, they must first agree to the 2-year subscription plan that would cost only HK$7,450 or equivalent to US$955.

If the buyer would sign up for the 2-year subscription plan, they can get the 8GB model of the 3G iPhone for as low as HK$2,938. But they must subscribe to the plan where they would get 500 MB a month which will last for two years. Every month, they will pay at least HK$188 for this plan.

On the other hand, if the subscriber would like to get the 8 GB model of the 3G iPhone for free, they can subscribe to the unlimited data plan which would cost HK$498 every month.

According to the spokesman of Hutchison, Mickey Shiu, they believe that their plans can be availed by the average data users. The 500 megabytes can already allow the users to browse a website 2,000 times or send as much as 250,000 emails. Aside from that, compared to the data plans announced by AT&T, Hutchison’s plans are cheaper. The 8 GB model of the 3G iPhone is offered by the AT&T for only $199. However, users must sign up for a two-year contract where they have to pay as much as $69.99 every month.

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