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Listen to SomaFm using your iPhone

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SomaFM already received several awards as the leading independent broadcaster in the World Wide Web. Recently, it announced that users of iPhone as well as iPod Touch may now be able to listen to their 14 music channels that are commercial-free. The music streams can now be accessed through the optimized website of the iPhone at the

The streams are accessed through an iPhone-optimized website at
According to Rusty Hodge of SomaFM, they are currently expanding their availability on various wireless devices. The iPhone from Apple Inc. was one of the mobile devices that they haven’t supported yet. And because of thepopular demand and tons of requests, they are now working with the Apple Inc.

The streams are available in an optimized format for those who will be using WiFi. Furthermore, it is also available for those who will be using EDGE from AT&T. If by chance the users are in a WiFi hotspots, they will get to listento the high wuality 128k MP3 streams. While AT&T EDGE listeners will get to enjoy music without delays.

But unlike other iPhone streaming solutions, the SomaFm can work in a standard Ipod Touch and iPhpne. There is no need to have an unlocked, hacked, or jailbroken iPhone.

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