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Neil Young leaves Electronic Arts for the iPhone Games

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No more than two week ago, the executive of Electronic Arts mentioned that he will be leaving EA. And just this week, the Newsweek have reported that Neil Young is already at the San Francisco-based next-generation mobile company.

Rumors had it that Neil Young will be creating games specially meant for the iPhones. Neil Young once said that they want the customer to feel as if there is a company or an individual who is building games for them and willing to spend money for the games. This means that the games that will be made will take advantage of what the various devices has to offer. He wants something that is not limited to DS or PSP game. He sees potential in the 3G iPhone since the smartphone has a camera, a GPS, a touch-screen feature, and of course, an excellent graphic performance. Free Download software | Tìm kiếm Phim | Xem phim online | Sử dụng laptop | Download phim | Download software

According to the reports from VentureBeat, Neil Young is considered as one of the rock stars in the gaming industry. Neil Young is actually the mind behind the famous and top-selling games including the Lord of the Rings as well as Sims 2.

The 38-year old gaming guru is now excited on the upcoming projects. He said that he is now stepping away from the history that lasted from 11 years and from his colleagues at the same time

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