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Apple Inc. welcomes Telstra to the iPhone industry

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At last! The saga between Telstra and iPhone has come to an end. Recently, both companies have confirmed that the 3G iPhone will be distributed by Telstra in Australia.

For the past three weeks, the issue whether Telstra will carry the second-generation iPhone in Australia has been raised again and again. This is because Optus (the second largest telco) and Vodafone (the third largest telco) in Australia have confirmed that they would be selling the much sought after smartphone in the country.

But now, it is already confirmed that the three giant mobile companies will be selling the 3G iPhone in Australia starting from July 11.
According to David Moffat, the managing director of Telstra’s consumer group, everybody in Australia is very much excited about the second-generation iPhone. Therefore, it makes them even more delighted to bring the 3G iPhone and make it work with the Next G network. The Next G is a high-speed network used by Telstra which can be perfect for the needs of the 3G iPhone.

The fourth mobile carrier in Australia, the 3 Mobile, is currently operating 2100MHz 3G networks. Most of 3 Mobile’s 3G network is located in the metropolitan areas only of Australia. The Telstra’s 3G network, on the other hand, only operates on 850MHz. But the latter reaches at least 99 percent of Australia’s population.

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