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Hit The Streets Of New York In TaxiDrive

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We have seen a recent surge of big, time consuming games for the iPhone like The Sims 3 and Return to Mysterious Island. They are great games in their own right, but the iPhone is a mobile device after all and sometimes we just want to play a quick casual game while on-the-go. Conveniently, Steffen from syncRage has informed us about their new casual game TaxiDrive that should help you waste some of those extra seconds you may have.

TaxiDrive is a simple casual game that requires you to hit the streets of New York in your taxi cab in an attempt to generate as much income as possible. The game uses a top-down perspective to help you easily navigate the streets. You must head to all corners of the city to pick up and then drop off your passengers. TaxiDrive allows you to control your taxi two different ways: one being a tap and drag method that allows you to control the path of your taxi instantly, and the other is a single tap control that chooses the best route for you. You will have to constantly alter the path of your taxi to avoid the traffic because as the game progresses, the traffic picks up.

TaxiDrive features three unlockable maps with demanding challenges, the ability to gain more taxis to extend the game by wracking up cash, and a local high score list. The developers intend on issuing an update very soon that will add more maps.

TaxiDrive is available in the App Store for the introductory price of $.99.

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