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GradePad App For Teachers Released

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GradePad App For Teachers Released
For educators and trainers, there is a new iPhone app suited for your needs. One thing about teachers is that they have to make the necessary grading and evaluation among their students and while this is normally done manually or via PC support, you can now do so with the GradePad App from Portage Interactive.

The GradePad 1.0 is an iPhone/iPod touch performance assessment tool for teachers and trainers. With GradePad, teachers and trainers can manage the groups, create GradePads, assess performance, track improvement, and share data. Teachers and trainers can assess a variety of behaviors and performances with “scoring sheets”, or rubrics, with criteria and a rating scale.


* Simplicity.
Teachers and trainers can create GradePad ratings for performance assessments easily and quickly and use them wherever they are.
* Flexibility.
GradePads (rubrics with criteria and scales) can be applied to many subjects and disciplines to assess performance, presentations, behaviors, and outcomes.
* Organization.
GradePad organizes groups and rubrics. Teachers and trainers have access to all GradePads for any member of any group.
* Tracking.
GradePad stores each assessment of each individual. Teachers and trainers can review past ratings right on an iPhone or iPod touch.
* Sharing.
GradePad sends assessments to an email account for further data manipulation, reporting and charting.

The GradePad iPhone app is now available at the iPhone app store and is priced at $1.99.


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