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Rogers To Launch Blackberry Bold July 25

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AT&T users are in for a little added excitement as they will have to wait for two to four more weeks before they can finally lay their hands on the Blackberry Bold. Rogers Canada has recently announced that the new BlackBerry Bold (9000 series) will be released on the 25th of July.

Many are wondering if it’s worth unlocking the Rogers Blackberry Bold for use with AT&T, and if issues on software and battery should cause further delay in the Bold’s launch. Well, we can only sit back and wait for the outcome. Meanwhile, there will surely be Crackberry addicts who’d go far and wide looking for unlocked BlackBerry Bold, but what awaits those who are not into cracks?

Sad to say, although the Blackberry Bold’s July 25 release is already final, pricing is still a big question mark. Let’s all hope that the pressure from the iPhone 3G results in RIM offering the best consumer-friendly price for the Bold. Sounds impossible? Well, nothing wrong with dreaming big.


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