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Access To TeleAtlas Maps For More Than 200 Countries Handed To Google

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Google mobileJust recently, Google and TeleAtlas have signed a long-term agreement giving Google the right to access the maps of over 200 countries in the world. TeleAtlas shall provide maps for Google’s navigation across mobile, desktop environments, map-based services and the Android OS which will be launched soon. Users will be able to access and utilize the maps with the aid of the mapping application that empowers Google platforms. Once the ‘maps to edits’ are opened, TeleAtlas Maps can come up with higher quality maps, while Google will certainly become the leading provider of services for mapping applications.

No details were given as to when Google will start implementing the additional mapping data for more than 200 countries in TeleAtlas. On the other hand, TomTom made an announcement way back middle of May that the European Commission has given them an “unconditional clearance” for its proposal to acquire TeleAtlas. Prospects are good for Google now that it’s in “good company” even before the Navteq deal is finalized by Nokia in August 2008.


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