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Three new Samsung smartphones are found

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Three new Samsung smartphones09-10-2007: Samsung will soon expand her smartphone collection with the Samsung i560, i720 and i780. Despite of the fact that these devices have not been announced yet, we offers you the first photos.

Samsung expands her portfolio of smartphones surprisingly fast. In a short time, the Korean company has announced an arsenal of devices but the company also manages to show new devices every time we get together. Mobile Phone Helpdesk already offers a first glance on what is coming.

Samsung i560Samsung i560
First in the row we show you the Samsung i560. The Samsung i560 is a Symbian smartphone and it is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom. The device has a 262.000 colours TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Concerning connectivity the device is up-to-date with its UMTS and HSDPS support. Besides the 3.2 megapixel camera at the back of the device, the front of the device also contains a VGA camera for video telephony.

Samsung i720 When looking at design, the Samsung i560 looks most like the Samsung U600 / U700. From this we can conclude that Samsung wants to sell her smartphones in huge numbers, just as Nokia. According to the first messages, the Samsung i560 will end up in the shops before the end of the year for a salesprice of about 415 euro.

Samsung i720
The Samsung i720 showed her face for the first time at the Samsung Dealer Event in September this year. The Samsung i720 operates on Windows Mobile 6 and acts like a highly compact PDA. The device has a QVGA TFT touchscreen which offers 65.000 colours.

Samsung i780 The Samsung i720 is a full 3G device with both UMTS and HSDPA support. For those moments where there is not 3G network available, or those who just like to use the wireless network at home, the Samsung i720 is also equipped with WiFi b/g support.

Just as many other brands do more and more often, the Samsung i720 has a built-in GPS receiver. In combination with the Windows platform it will be possible to install, for example, Route66 or Tom Tom onto the device for full navigation.

Because the device operates on Windows Mobile 6 it has a good internet browser, a complete Outlook e-mail client and Office support. In order to make the device complete, the Samsung i720 is also equipped with a 3 megapixel camera. Unfortunately we do have to wait for the quality of the camera because Windows Mobile devices are generally not famous for their good-quality cameras.

Samsung i780
If this all is not enough yet, the Samsung i780 today also showed her face for the first time. This device is also based upon Windows Mobile 6 and it tries to take along the success of earlier messaging devices of the Korean producer. The Samsung i780 is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, with which Samsung tries to reach the business target group. The triple-band device is equipped with, as expected, full 3G support for UMTS and HSDPA networks. Of course, WiFi b/g is not forgotten.

Samsung i780 The device offers 64 MB RAM memory and 128 MB ROM memory. This is expandable with MicroSD and TransFlash memorycards up to 2 gigabyte. When concerning the camera, the device is not that great, it has to do with a 2 megapixel camera. Besides this, the device also offers a second VGA camera at the front for videocalling. The device also has a GPS receiver for navigation purposes.

Because the Samsung i780 operates on the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, a lot of functions and specifications are easily guessed. Office support, a full HTML browser and Outlook e-mail client are present.

The Samsung i780 is not officially announced for Europe yet. However, the expectation is that the device will still reach the European market. When this will be the case and what the device will cost when it comes to the shops is still unknown.

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