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Beyonce's Samsung Phone Gets New Name - Upstage

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Beyonce's Samsung PhoneNot to be, uh, upstaged, by all the other fancy phone monikers out there, Samsung set out to find a unique and catchy name for their new “ultra music” music phone. Already having a world-renowned star signed on to help market the phone, Sammy needed an appropriately flashy name (the “Beyonce Phone” just didn’t roll off the tongue). Now dubbed the Samsung Upstage, the former ultra music / F300 / M620 music-oriented mobile phone still rocks the uber-cool dual screen music-phone design that we mentioned a little while ago.

Beyonce's Samsung PhoneThe Upstage hits the expected lower price point of $150 (after instant savings from Sprint), putting this music phone in the lower-end pricing segment. But don’t let the low price fool you, it still packs a punch with a 2 megapixel camera as well as EVDO high speed data goodness. Combined with the oh-so-sweet 9.5 mm thick body, FM radio, and microSD expansion slot, you really can’t get more bang for the buck. So, it seems the Upstage will be within reach of those with slightly more modest bank accounts than Beyonce.
Beyonce's Samsung Phone

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