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HP iPAQ hw6515 - A Sober Gadget

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HP’s IPAQ hw6515 is an innovation in a communicator’s arena because of its slim casing. A communicator has never been so thin and sleek but its main attraction is not slimness but a thumbboard. The phone is totally opposite to what its predecessors looked like, iPAQ hw6300 series, with 118 x 71 x 21 millimeter casing and 165 grams weight you will doubt it of being a communicator. Bu this baby has all the qualities. Lets see the first thing that strike you is its 65K colour touch screen with its 240 x 240 pixel resolution, marking the very first Windows Mobile based device with a square screen to hit shelves. And have no doubt as it is bright, clear and with adequate ClearType performance. On the upper right corner of the casing place has been made for the power on/off button alongside to unobtrusive alert LEDs. Right below the screen there is a five-way navigational pad just flanked by dual-purpose, mappable hard and rather very small buttons for opening the contacts and e-mail applications. These are followed by large and comfortable call and end telephony hard buttons on either side, and in the upper right corner resides the power on/off button alongside to unobtrusive alert LEDs. The HPiPAQ hw6515 features an integrated thumbboard, EDGE, Bluetooth and GPS. But don’t expect much from the thumbboard , it seems that HP has put it there for the sake of proving their point that it can be done but its not at all comfortable.HP iPAQ hw6515 - A Sober Gadget

Some of the buttons positions have been changed to make it uncomfortable and they are again very small to operate. It is quite possible and we think that it will happen often that
the user of the HPiPAQ hw6515 will press two commands at a time, all because of extra small buttons to fit in that ultra small and thin casing. The only control which is easy operate to operate is volume up/down rocker far up on the left side of the phone but its that easy that you can switch it on accidentally. The communicator is also laced with a 1.3 Megapixel camera, 1,200 mAh Lithium Ion battery integrated GPS receiver, an 312 MHz Intel PXA270 processor backed up by 44 MB of volatile memory and 12 MB of non-volatile memory, EDGE.

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