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Nokia 6555 Review – The hi-five wonder

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Nokia 6555 Review – The hi-five wonderLook at the picture of the new Nokia 6555 by AT&T and guess the price. No wait let us explain it features to you first. Let’s talk out about the AT&T factor first. With Nokia 6555 the user can access the AT&T services which will give him or her instant access to video content which includes weather forecasts, the latest report of ongoing match, entertainment stuff and broadcasts from leading cable news outlets. The handset has a key specially for the AT&T media net which provides an instant internet content. All the information you need from the internet is only a press of a button away. After AT&T lets look at the other features AT&T provides for instance its looks. The handset has Royal, classy and un-edgy looks. Un-edgy because unlike the other flip open phones the phone has no sharp edges, it can’t hurt the kids, just kidding. It is laced with a display which has QVGA screen with 16 million colours. The Nokia 6555 will not disappoint the music lovers as well, as they will have access to AT&T Mobile Music Portfolio. In addition to that the user can subscribe services from Napster and eMusic, music videos, Music ID song recognition and “The Buzz” (Music Portal). The Nokia 6555 also features FM radio service and music player so nothing is missing as far as the music part is concerned. The microSD card slot enables the user to store music on a 2GB optional micro SD card. The Nokia 6555 also features a1.3 megapixel camera, video recorder and Bluetooth functionality. It also features an integrated messaging system. But the best and the unique about its looks is it’s analog clock standby mode on the front flap of the handset. The phone is available in complete black formal finishing and a smart and sleek silver and black casing. Now we told you to guess the price… well enough the suspense the Nokia 6555 comes only in $50. A Nokia to suit and fit your pocket comfortably…

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