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Sony Ericsson W660 Review

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Sony Ericsson W660 Review
Sony Ericsson is all set to woo women with its new W660 walkman phone. Girls too love music guys. Most phone makers forget to keep this in mind while making the music phones. But Sony Ericsson is awakened to the fact and has made a walkman phone which has got looks to kill. We say it’s made for girls because it is stylish and good looking apart from being a walkman phone. With the attractive red and gold casing the phone looks stunning and delicate which men can not handle. Half of the plastic rear panel has flower engravings which men will hate. Going to the music side of the Sony Ericsson W660 it is more a MP3 player then a phone. The handset flashes external music control on both the gold colour sides. You may little disappointed with the sound of its external speaker but as it’s is the walkman phone it has the earphones which takes you to the world of music instantly. Sony Ericsson provides one of the best earphones available in the market with the handset. These spectacular earphones come with the all of Sony Ericsson walkman series and said to be the best. The earphones compensate for the low volume of external speaker. The phone is fitted with the integrated walkman 2.0 music player with fantastic equalizer, stereo widening function and different visualization effects. The megabass mode give the phone the effect of a music system. For the people who love to stick to their favourite FM radio station the Sony Ericsson W660 also has stereo RDS radio which can memorize up to 20 stations. The receptions of signal for the FM is superb even better then some of the music players out there. The phone enables the user to run both the radio and the music player in the background. The music player in the Sony Ericsson W660 features MP3, WMA AAC, AAC+ file formats (and many more). The phone is fitted with the 2 megapixel camera which lacks focus, but you would be probably expecting it as it is the walkman phone. The Sony Ericsson W660 features a standard numeric keypad obviously at the bottom side of the front panel. Again made to attract the women the keys are made of little softer plastic material which few may find unstable. But women can handle it perfectly well. In addition to that the keys are big enough to avoid the typing errors. The keypad also has a white backlight but it is little uneven. The navigation and the selection key on the keypad operate a standard menu and as you were expecting there is a shortcut for the walkman player as well. The navigation key is also a shortcut to the walkman player controls. Apart from the keypad the half of the front panel is occupied by an average quality display. The active 262K color TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels offers several colours but disappointing resolution.
The best part of the display is its 100 percent visibility under the sun which is not there in several highly rated phones. Obviously you have to adjust the settings with highly contrast colours when you are out in the sun. Going to the rear panel we have talked about the flower engravings on half of the plastic cover rest half is smooth and shiny plastic. Camera an speaker is right in between the flower engravings. On the left edge of the phone the user will find Memory Stick Micro Card slot which is protected by a plastic cap which is attached to the casing making it impossible to loose. The left edge also has play and stop control button which will be operational only if the keypad is unlocked. The right edge has the camera control for capture function not autofocus sorry. The right edge also has a volume rocker on the top which works even when keypad is locked. The Sony Ericsson W660 has another camera lens on the front, above the display. On the bottom edge of the handset there is a wrist strap eyelet. We know that most of the men will keep themselves away from the Sony Ericsson W660 but we also know that women will not be able to do so.

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