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Palm Treo 500v - World in your Palm

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Palm Treo 500vThe latest Treo 500v is Palms attempt to save a position for itself in the market. The new Palm phone is coming in the market after a long break. Let’s see if Plam’s innovative team was working hard during this long break or was just having a break.

The Palm Treo 500v is available in two colour schemes - grey/silver and white/silver is a Vodafone exclusive, hence given away free with some Vaodafone contracts. The sleek and slim casing with no edges is much more appealing then its Treo predecessors. The Palm Treo 500v measures 110x 61.5x 16.5millimeters (4.3″ x 2.4″ x .65″) and considering its loads of features it weighs just 120 grams. The phone features a QWERTY keyboard and a decent sized screen the phone look pretty stylish. But the size of the keys can be a problem for some as there is always a risk of accidentally giving a command which the user not intended to give. But it seems that the mobile phone makers have not been able to find a solution for this problem. If they concentrate on the size and the shape of the phone the keys get smaller and if they concentrate on the keys the phone gets bulky and ugly. Some will argue that touch screen is already a solution but they will also agree that it gets dicey sometimes as well. It is laced with bright and clear 320×240 pixel screen which is not scared of sunlight. It features strong backlight which illuminates the entire keyboard. Right below the screen there is an Oval ‘D’ pad, four flush buttons and the call receiving and ending buttons. The controls buttons are responsive and are comfortable as they are not small like rest of the keys on the keyboard. Laced with a 2megapixel camera a user replaceable Li-ion 1200MaH battery sitting tightly inside with the SIM and miniSD card slots lurking below the Treo 500v might fulfil the purpose it was launched with. You know we are not talking about the users.

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