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"I'm Ready for My Close Up Mr. DeMille"

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Since the introduction of sites like YouTube, it seems like everyone and their brother are shooting and creating videos on pretty much any topic that you can imagine. Just the other day I saw a video on giant robots playing foosball. Since it's obvious that a lot of people out there love to make short films, we thought it would be cool to host a film festival - a Treo-specific film festival to be exact.

Since I love filmmaking, and all things entertainment for that matter, I am the lucky one who gets to set it up. I like my films funny, so the theme we decided on is Comedy. We're hoping to get hours of hilarious 1 minute films, made specifically to be viewed on your mobile device, Treo smartphones and all. We will be screening the films on MobiTV and the top entries will be eligible to win awards and a trip to LA for the awards ceremony. For those Treo users who just want to watch, you'll get free trials of MobiTV during the lead up to the film festival and opportunities to attend the LA ceremony, which includes a swanky party and who knows maybe a celebrity or two.

We hope with your help to discover new talent and get a chance to laugh together at some potentially hilarious one-minute shorts. More details to come and in the meantime, please check out the categories, samples, how to submit and the rest of the rules, regs and such at We can't wait to see what starts rolling in and we will share some samples as they are available.


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