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Want to go prepaid on your iPhone?

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Do you think that the iPhone is a great gadget to have? And are you willing to shell out money to get yourself one, though you’re not up to the idea of getting a 2-year postpaid contract along with your iPhone?

After a grueling process of trying to set up her own account, Erica Sadun posting on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) signed up instead through iTunes, and entered 999-99-9999 as her social security number when prompted (at the suggestion of an AT&T employee). Doing so failed the credit check on purpose, and she was offered the prepaid plan (see screenshots of the prepaid plan option prompts).

She just followed the steps outlined for the prepaid plan, and voila! Her account was placed into the activation queue. All she needs to do after choosing to use prepaid now is wait for the activation to be completed.

We haven’t heard news of someone actually on an iPhone prepaid plan, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Erica’s application for one gets approved. “Til then, we’ll file this one under Rumors. More news as we get them.


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