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iPhone: Email Account Setup

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Syncing Email Accounts to iPhone

You use iTunes to sync your email accounts to iPhone. iTunes supports Mail and Microsoft Entourage on a Mac, and Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express on a PC. See article “iPhone: Setting Up Syncing” for further details.

Note: Syncing an email account to iPhone copies the email account setup, not the messages themselves. Whether the messages in your inbox appear on both iPhone and your computer depends on the type of email account you have and how it’s configured.

If You Don’t Have an Email Account

Email accounts are available from most Internet service providers. If you use a Mac, you can get an email address, along with other services, at Fees may apply.

Free accounts are also available online:

  • Yahoo! provides free “push” email accounts. With a push email account, email is transferred to iPhone as soon as it is received by the mail server.
  • Google Mail
  • AOL

Setting Up an Email Account on iPhone

You can set up and make changes to an email account directly on iPhone. Your email service provider can provide the account settings you need to enter.

Changes you make on iPhone to a email account synced from your computer are not copied to your computer.

Enter account settings directly on iPhone

  1. If this is the first account you’re setting up on iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, from the Home screen choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account.
  2. Choose your email account type: Y! Mail (for Yahoo!), Gmail, .Mac, AOL, or Other.
  3. Enter your account information:

    If you’re setting up a Yahoo!, Gmail, .Mac, or AOL account, enter your name, email address, and password. After that, you’re done.

    Otherwise, click Other, select a server type—IMAP, POP, or Exchange—and enter your account information.

    • Your email address
    • The email server type (IMAP, POP, or Exchange)
    • The Internet host name for your incoming mail server (which may look like “”)
    • The Internet host name for your outgoing mail server (which may look like “”)
    • Your user name and password for incoming and outgoing servers (you may not need to enter a user name and password for an outgoing server)

    Note: Exchange email accounts must be configured for IMAP in order to work with iPhone. Contact your IT organization for more information.

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