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The iPhone launch report card

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The iPhone launch has come and gone and now it’s time to recap the moving parts. Here’s a look at the key components and how they graded out.
The product: A
It’s hard to find a negative review on the iPhone. Apple set a high bar and delivered. Mitch Ratcliffe calls the iPhone spectacular. Jason O’Grady gives […]

Infineon a big winner in iPhone teardown

EE Times commissioned Semiconductor Insights to tear down the iPhone and dissect its innards. The key takeaways: Infineon is the chip of choice; there are many shared iPod parts that made design easier; and Apple brands a bunch of components to hide the names.
The report notes the following:
The first thing that strikes us as SI […]

SAP’s response to Oracle suit coming today

SAP said in a short statement that it will respond to Oracle’s complaint–filed March 22 and amended June 1–today.

The timeline is before midnight PDT.
Today is the last day SAP can file its response. We’ll have the details when the response is filed.

Universal Music plays iTunes hardball with Apple

Does Apple’s iTunes store need U2?
That’s the crux of a game of chicken being played between Apple and Universal Music Group, which counts U2 and other big name artists in its stable. Who’s going to blink?
The New York Times and others are reporting that Universal Music Group told Apple that it will not renew its […]


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