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Here’s what you need: a complete iPhone walkthroug video

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Folks at Engadget got themselves an iPhone, and were gracious enough to do a full video demonstration of the iPhone’s interface, which tells a lot on how the highly-hyped device turned out in the end.

The iPhone certainly wins the Most User-Friendly award, with its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menus. The keyboard also seems to work nicely, but it looks like those who haven’t used PDAs may need some time getting used to poking at the screen to type out long messages, especially if the screen orientation as well as the keyboard is set to vertical. When set to horizontal orientation, the keyboard can easily be used with two thumbs with the rest of the fingers supporting the iPhone.

The Safari browser looks neat, as well. You can zoom in and zoom out on any part of the screen for better readability of text, but it tends to lag while loading data, especially when surfing in between pages. The Safari application even crashed when the Engadget guy tried to zoom in and zoom out too many chunks of text.

There is also the YouTube application - a separate iPhone function apart from Safari - which automatically fetches the newest videos according to date. It certainly is a great touch, but will do only little for those who don’t care much for sharing videos.

There’s just so much to see in this walkthrough video that you should simply watch it for yourself. Do yourself a favor and give in to your curiosity; go and play the video below.


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