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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Android Phone

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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

So far up until now that is the most popular Samsung Android based handset you can lay your hands on has to be the i7500 Galaxy, which of course we know is a more than capable phone that seems to have now changed according to a report over at Android Phone News.

But now Samsung have announced something which could be argued as the most endowed, packed full of features Android device so far. Now we have the i9000 Galaxy S the latest and probably the greatest Samsung handset.

At first all we knew of the device was that it was expected to have a Super AMOLED screen and that of course it would run on Android. But now we know more the screen itself is a super AMOLED 800 x 480 screen which is 4 inches across which makes the Samsung i9000 Samsung’s biggest touchscreen phone.

Remember the Samsung Omnia HD that measured 3.7 inch. What’s more is that this screen features something else known as the mobile Digital Natural Imagine engine yes I know a bit of a mouthful otherwise known as mDNIe which apparently makes the images better on screen and this technology has been seen previously on Samsung LCD and also LED Televisions.

You can see video hands on of Samsung Galaxy S

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