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Dell Aero Coming To AT&T

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Dell Aero

AT&T is finally filling out its Android roster this year. The Android phone is going to be called the “Dell Aero.” the Aero is Dell’s first smartphone in the US, and will feature a “new, custom user interface” developed by Dell and AT&T. The phone will run Google Inc.’s Android software.

Details and specifications are sketchy for now. The Aero offers a 5 megapixel camera, a 3.5-inch nHD display, GPS, and WiFi support. The Aero also sports Dell’s custom Android user interface.

The phone integrates with Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, YouTube, and TwitPic on the software level, allowing you to easily share the clips and photos you take. Social integration is another innovation that stems from AT&T’s close co-operation with Dell’s engineers. According to AT&T, the Aero packs in a number of social networking apps, including Facebook that is “fully integrated into your phonebook and syncs events to your calendar.”

Exact specs haven’t been named for the Aero, although many have speculated that its hardware matches that of the Dell Mini 3i, which launched in China in 2009.

Via Android Phone News

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