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RIM BlackBerry 'T' (Talladega?) slider launching next month

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BlackBerry T

The first sliding BlackBerry, AKA Tallageda (or T), could be winging its way to shelves as soon as April.

Mobilephone-news has reported that the CEO of a RIM supplier mentioned the BlackBerry T as a device to launch next month.

The claim appeared on, a Korean website and was translated as:

"The Canadian company RIM famous for BlackBerry smartphones is releasing a new model next month. Known as the "T," The new model is an ambitious product aimed at competing against iPhone's storm of success. RIM will present it ("T") as its flagship model to compete in global markets such as the U.S. and Europe."

This could of course point to another Storm device, rather than the Palm-style slider that everyone is raving about.

There's no information on a precise release date for the BlackBerry Talladega or 'T', or whether it will be available in the UK any time soon.

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