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Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus land on AT&T

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Palm Pre Plus

Earlier today, we reported on the Dell Aero, a Google Android powered handset that would be available through AT&T shortly. AT&T was not done with their announcements as the second part of this story is confirmation that the Palm Pixi Plus and the Palm Pre Plus will also be sold through AT&T, the second largest mobile carrier in the US.

The question begs to be asked if this is to little and to late for Palm. As a company, Palm has struggled as of late and has seen declining market share and stock prices. Unfortunately for Palm, rather then an immediate release, the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus will not be available in the near future, but rather in the coming months.

The Palm Pre Plus will retail for $149.99 and the Palm Pixi Plus will be $49.99. Pricing on both mobile phones is post $100 mail in rebate and will require a 2 year service agreement. The Palm phones available through AT&T are identical to those sold through Verizon network
with the exception being that these are GSM/HSDPA whereas the ones on the Verizon network are CDMA/EVDO.

With the unlimited data plan, mobile users will also have free access to over 20,000 US wireless hotspots.

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