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Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus may hit O2 in April

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Palm Pre Plus

The Tracy and Matt phone blogspot states that O2 could be the U.K. The two handsets are rumored by TracyAndMatt to ship in April after the App Catalog is out of Beta stage in Europe. O2 have already been offering the GSM version of the Palm Pre for some months now, but so far the Pixi is yet to make an appearance outside of the US.

Most of the features of Palm Pre Plus are also same as Pixi with a few enhancements like QWERY keyboard silently slides under the 3.1 display with HVGA capability and camera is also upgraded to 3 MP camera when compared to 2.0 mega pixel camera of Pixi.
Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus phone are provides video recording capabilities via webOS 1.4. The Pixi Plus gets 8GB of storage and WiFi (unlike the original Pixi, which lacked WiFi), while the Pre Plus has 16GB of storage and double the RAM of its predecessor.
Both Phones will be debut on UK in April 2010 but their pricing is not specified.

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