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HTC Hero Android 2.1 due Feb/March with Sense update

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Great news recently reported over at in relation to the HTC Hero Smartphone.

HTC Hero

It seems that HTC have now confirmed that the HTC Hero will be upgraded to the latest Android version which is 2.1, currently the device runs on version 1.6 of the Android OS but the upgrade will bring it right up to date.

What is surprising is that with the upgrade there is very little difference between the HTC Hero and the HTC Legend which is about to launch later on this month. When you take into consideration that the Hero has be3en available for a much longer period and is available on multiple networks it may well offer users better value than the Legend.

Those of you that are currently on Orange or T Mobile will be able to upgrade your Hero to Android 2.1 from April 16th those on 3 will need to wait until 22nd April. Android 2.1 will give the ability to have 5 different home screens and a quick contact which makes things easier t switch between contacts and social network contacts.

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