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Review: Equilibrio App For iPhone

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Equilibrio is an interesting game that has been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The entire gameplay of the game is focused on rolling a ball made of varying materials towards a goal on the map. This is done by tilting the device in either direction to pick up momentum and catapult the ball towards jumps and other traps. The game starts out pretty slowly giving players an easy introduction to the levels without becoming frustrating. There are 5 different ball types that are used in the different levels. Each ball has its own unique properties that can make the game much harder if not used correctly. The game's graphics and feel are very smooth and clean.

The design was obviously well thought out and works really well with the capabilities of the iPhone. Some things that did get in the way of a great experience were the fact that the difficulty level didn't ramp up until later in the game. There is a supposed urge to collect stars while you search for the end, but I found myself wanting to just reach the end sooner anyways. The game works well and has 60 different levels to play through as well as tow different modes to play through.

Overall, the game wasn't anything groundbreaking but it was entertaining for a while. If you like Rolando or labyrinth, this game kinda takes the two styles and blends them in a simpler form. It is definitely worth the price being asked, but don't expect it to shake your world. Check it out and see for yourself.


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