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Review: Beat Rider App For iPhone

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Beat Rider is attempting something that should have been done on the iPhone a while ago. It takes your music that you upload and creates a beat profile that you can tap to. It's like Tap Tap with your own music. Once the game is downloaded, users can download some of the free songs available or jump right onto the action that they likely got the app for in the first place. Users can log onto the Beat Rider site and sign up for an account. If you have the full version, you can upload up to 20 of your own songs to tap to.

Once a song is finished uploading, the game can then download it to your device and you can begin tapping. All of this works wonderfully, but it is when you get into an actual song that the problems begin to surface. Since the program is adding it's own beats to the song, they are sometimes extremely random and really hard to hit. The interface looks great but it is hard to read when a note will hit and therefore makes gameplay extremely hard and annoying. After doing the tutorial song that comes default on the device, I was able to then see the subtle changes in note positions. But even then I had a hard time seeing whether a note was going to be on beat or syncopated.

If you have a yearning to try out some of your own music on your device, check out the lite version of this app and upload your 1 alotted song. You will quickly see that although this app has some great promise, it is just too confusing to be a good experience.



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