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Documents To Go for iPhone Submitted for App Store Approval

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Good news for all those still looking for an ‘Office suite’ type app for the iPhone, and don’t care for QuickOffice: Documents To Go – a very popular solution in this category on the Palm platform for awhile now and one that many have been waiting to see come to the iPhone who use it for document writing/editing, has now been submitted to the Apple for approval – and Dataviz (who make it) hope it will be out in a few days or so. Knowing Apple, it could be a week, but let’s hope not.

Up to now, there’s only been one office suite app available for the iPhone – Quickoffice – and thus far it has not got rave reviews from many users, and it is priced at a rather high price (for the App Store) of $19.99.

Dataviz has not yet revealed what the price for Documents To Go (DTG) will be, but hopefully they’ll launch it at a lower price than Quickoffice. They could capture this market for themselves, assuming they’re smart enough to price it competitively.

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