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Quickoffice Word and Excel Office Suite For The iPhone Now Available

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If you are interested in an app for the iPhone/Touch that can edit both Microsoft Word and Excel documents along with file sharing and content management capabilities, Quickoffice is now available via the App Store for $20.

This is basically an abridged version of Office for the iPhone, which could useful for a variety of applications: editing documents, typing out new ones, and doing Excel sheets without dragging open a laptop. Will include copy/paste functionality too. Great for on the go presentations.

Comments on various forums think the price is too high, but hey, people were clamoring for this functionality months ago, so compared to the full on version of Office, $20 is a bargain, it seems. But the bar seems to have been set rather low for App Store pricing it seems, and many have said they’d rather piece together various free apps to do this sort of work. To each their own, we suppose.

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