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Airfoil Speakers Touch streams audio to iPhone, iPod touch

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Rogue Amoeba is known in the Mac community for Airfoil, the $25 Mac and PC application that allows any audio to be streamed from a host computer to an AirPort Express or Apple TV. It was an innovation at the time that was much celebrated.

Rogue Amoeba has now announced the release of Airfoil Speakers Touch, which allows audio to be streamed from a host directly to an iPhone or iPod touch. While Airfoil Speakers Touch is a free application, it does still of course require the full version of Airfoil running on the host computer in order to function properly.

Here’s more about the app from the creators:
“With Airfoil Speakers Touch, you can send any audio from your Mac or PC, straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch! Just connect your device to your local Wifi network, then open up Airfoil on your Mac or Windows machine, and start transmitting. You’ll be able to send audio from iTunes, RealPlayer, and even web-based sources like Pandora and Now, if your Mac or Windows machine can play it, you can hear it on your iPhone or iPod Touch!”



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