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$150 For Refurbished 16GB iPhone 3G

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Don’t want to pay the (probably) hefty price for the latest iPhone when it’s finally launched? Well, if you don’t mind refurbished phones, AT&T is currently offering refurbished 16GB iPhone 3Gs for just $150 (bundled with a 2-year contract of course). The offer is limited to one purchase per household, and remember, it’s for a new line or new customer, so not everybody is eligible. If you’re not one to take good care of your phones, getting a refurbished one might be just the way to save a few bucks (aside from not buying a new phone, of course).

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At April 30, 2009 at 2:38 AM, Blogger palaboy™ said...


That's a very cheap price to pay for an iPhone 3G... ill tell my brother to check this site.


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