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SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset with PUSH4 Streams Important News Directly To Your Ear

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SouthWing has teamed up with AT&T in US to simplify the access to finance, news, travel, weather and sports information. By combining the SouthWing SH241 headset with any AT&T Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, users merely press a pre-set button on the headset and immediately hear their desired news updates.
SouthWing SH241

“At SouthWing, we believe your voice is everything, and this is another example of delivering on that philosophy,” said Bart Huisken, SouthWing founder. “By simply pressing the Push4 button on an SH241 headset, users can immediately access important information by speaking their way through menus. They can even make a list of spoken favorites that expedite the process further.”

Users can also create an Instant Alibi to call themselves gracefully out of long-running meetings or awkward social situations. VoiceInfo also can be used as a mobile concierge, setting up a ‘wake-up call’ or meeting reminder when necessary. The information is made available at no cost, but regular minute rates apply for the access.

The SouthWing SH241 is now available for $39.99 at all AT&T company-owned stores in the U.S.


* Bluetooth 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1 compliant
* Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones 2.0 or coger
* Automatic pairing
* Up to 4 paired devices
* 7 hours talk-time
* 200 hours standby time
* Battery saving mode
* Battery level indicator
* Low battery warning
* Long battery life
* 12 different ring tones
* Size: 57 (L) * 18 (W) * 10 (D)
* Weight: 10 grams
* Dual colour light indicator
* Discreet LED flash mode
* Left & right ear compatible
* Clip for clothes
* 4 types of ear buds
* 3 Interchangeable covers

Calls features

* All answer, reject and end
* Voice dialling
* Last number redial
* Call mute
* Automatic call answer
* Push 4 direct call to a number
* Transfer call to phone
* Transfer call to headset
* Quick disconnect from headset
* Quick connect to headset
* Access to AT&T Voice Info
* Whisper mode


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