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New N-Gage Application Updates Released

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If you are one of the gamer with Nokia N-Gage application, you can now update to v1.10_1318 with several fixes. The application is now more stable after you earned more than 10,000 of N-Gage Points, which previously would exit unexpectedly and refuse to restart. The new version can also accommodate more friends on the Friends List without stability issues. Check out the download and update instructions here
New N-Gage Application

Other bug fixes and improvement includes:

* An issue where Snakes Subsonic on certain devices would exit unexpectedly when hosting a Bluetooth multiplayer match has been addressed
* An issue where Blockbreaker Deluxe would exit with an error when a user activated Bluetooth has been addressed
* There was an issue where the WiFi connection changed to a GPRS connection during Operator Billing. This issue has been addressed.
* There was an issue where certain games would exit unexpectedly if a user selected ‘Cancel’ during the Get License.
* There was an issue where a user would launch a game, and during the ‘Attemtping Login’ screen, could not select the ‘Cancel’ button. This issue has been addressed.
* There was an error where the N-Gage Arena Rankings could not be accessed using WLAN when the device is in Offline Mode. This error has been addressed.
* Some localization issues with Spanish and French have been addressed.
* An issue where the application would freeze unexpectedly when the device is left idle on the N-Gage Arena terms and conditions page has been addressed.
* A problem with password retrieval has been addressed.


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