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Flickr site for the iPhone

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It’s been a long time coming (according to many users of the site) but the popular site has a new site redesigned for the iPhone in beta, and is scheduled to be completed and in full operation soon.
Flickr site for the iPhone

Big design changes to highlight various functions have been made. For instance, Flickr for iPhone puts your mobile e-mail-upload address right in front, so you don’t have to dig around to find it. Your comments, contacts, and activities are also given a share of the limelight with clear top-screen navigation, to much the same effect, to optimize it for the iPhone display.

You’ll also notice that photos are automatically scaled to fit the screen, though you won’t be able to explore multiple photo sizes as you can from, the main site. We like that pages load without needing a complete Safari refresh, and that photo sets are more efficient to browse, thanks to the arrow-topped thumbnails of the next and previous photos that sit right next to the image and serve as back and forth controls.

A much needed update and further proof that major web sites view the iPhone as a major player in their plans.


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