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BlackBerry Storm Supports Copy and Paste with MultiTouch

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For the past 2 days BoyGeniusReport have been posting more user guide and internal presentation on the upcoming BlackBerry Storm (aka BlackBerry Thunder). A How-To document is posted today and it is showing a feature which the iPhone 3G users would want it now, the copy & paste function. Apparently you can point the start and end point of the text you want to copy with 2 fingers at the same time, the block of the text will be highlighted and can also be adjusted by moving your finger. You can then open a menu to select the Copy function by clicking in the middle of highlighted text.

BlackBerry Storm Supports Copy and Paste

It is not cleared if this is the only way to highlight and copy the text. It would be better if we can also use one finger to drag and highlight a block of text like windows mobile.


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