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fring Releases VoIP Calls for iPhone

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fring today became available for all Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners, enabling them to talk, chat and interact with other fring users (”fringsters”) and all of their online communities (Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! & AIM) using their device’s internet connection. fring’s feature-rich application enables users to enjoy mobile instant messaging with their online buddies, regardless of whether their contacts are on mobile, PC or other internet device, and make cost effective mobile calls to them over WiFi.
fring Releases VoIP Calls for iPhone

Here is a list of features in details

Can call directly using iPhone to another person with iPhone running Fring
Call MSN or Skype users that are using their computer
Call using Skype account, which allows you to have your own Skype number and at a discount rate for international calls
Receive phone calls using Skype with your own custom Skype number
Basic chat functions with most chat platforms, such as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ


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