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Nokia Launches Metro Targeting with Nokia Media Network in US

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Nokia announced a new offering that lets advertisers target their mobile campaigns to consumers in 10 major metro areas of the United States on the Nokia Media Network.

“The ability to target mobile ads to specific metro areas makes local advertising a reality on the mobile device,” said Tom Henriksson, head of Nokia Interactive Advertising. “This is particularly compelling for
advertisers that want to leverage mobile for local promotions and regional advertisers that want to reach their core customer base. And, in an election year, when other forms of local media are saturated with political advertising, mobile is now a viable, uncluttered medium for reaching key segments in specific geographies.”

Metro Targeting makes local advertising easy by enabling brands to tailor mobile ads to their desired audiences in key metro areas, corresponding to the same Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) used in traditional media planning, including:

* Atlanta, GA
* Boston, MA
* Chicago, IL
* Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
* Los Angeles, CA
* Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
* New York, NY
* San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
* Seattle-Tacoma, WA
* Washington, DC


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