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Translate words no matter where you are using your iPhone

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Are you going to the Beijing Olympics in China but don’t know how to speak words in Chinese? Do you want to see the Pisa or the Eiffel Tower in Italy but all you know is “oui”?

If you are an iPhone owner and a frequent traveller, then great news! The reliable application called Google Translate is now available for the Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

Google iphone

The creators of the Google Translate for the iPhone are David Singleton and Allen Hutchison. Both brilliant minds are software engineers. It was Allen Hutchison’s idea to create a version for Apple Inc.’s smartphone. He thought of making this version when he was planning for a trip going to Austria and Italy. When Allen Hutchison realized that he can’t speak Italian or German, he immediately took his iPhone and tried to log on to the Google Translate. Back then, Google Translate was not yet available for the iPhone, only for desktop users.

The Google Translate version for the iPhone was optimized for speed. It actually supports all the existing language pairs that are available in the desktop version of the Google Translate. Moreover, it saves all your past entries so that you can easily look at the translation whenever you need it.

Point your safari browser to to try.

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