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New T-Mobile SideKick Officially Announced

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Available today from T-Mobile USA, the new T-Mobile Sidekick powered by Danger allows consumers to upload personal photos from their Facebook page, or other similar sites, and use graphic designs to create their own shells. The T-Mobile Sidekick is also known as Gekko which you have been reading about it in various rumors and leaks.T-mobile

The new Sidekick features key software improvements including support for video capture, playback and sharing; wireless stereo music and media sharing via Bluetooth; quick friend search and optimized group chats in instant messaging (IM); customizable Web browsing; and universal search across all phone applications and data. In addition, the phone’s shell is customizable, creating a unique look for every device. Users can also visit the Download Catalog to preview and select from hundreds of games, applications, themes and other content and receive purchases instantly.
The new Sidekick is built with removable shells, and at, users can create their own unique designs — that will be printed directly on the shell and shipped to the customer — to personalize their handset and show off their style.
Now users can see IM status on e-mail messages and in the address book, so they always know when friends are available to chat. IM also becomes easier to use with a “search for friends” feature and the ability to initiate group chats with a simple keystroke.

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