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Sprint Introduces New Sprint Web Mobile Home Page

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Sprint today introduces the launch of Sprint Web, offering an adaptive home page that delivers content based on the customer’s previous usage, along with direct access to search from reviews

The new Sprint Web home page uses technology by ChangingWorlds, to provide each customer with dynamic, relevant content and information as a result of their past usage. For example, if a customer continually goes to sports links, the top sports stories will be featured. This allows customers to quickly get relevant information based on what they use most, making it easier to navigate the Internet on their phones and reducing the time they spend looking for content. To access Sprint Web, customers simply click the Web icon on the main menu of their phone.

Sprint Web also gives customers direct access from the home page to Google search, so users can get relevant open Internet results quickly and easily, in a format they’re used to seeing on their computer screens. Sprint Web is available today on 40+ popular Sprint phones, including RAZR2 by Motorola, Centro by Palm, Rumor by LG, Upstage by Samsung, and Katana DLX by Sanyo. Sprint plans to make Sprint Web available on virtually all Web-capable Sprint feature phones over the coming weeks.


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