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DeviceAnywhere to deliver the T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab

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DeviceAnywhere will be unveiling the new T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab - a remote testing service designed to reduce the time and resources required to develop, test, monitor, and deploy applications and content for T-Mobile handheld devices. The T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab provides T-Mobile developers with access to real devices over the internet. Developers can now access some of the newest T-Mobile devices for testing and monitoring of their mobile applications from their desktop. The T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab also helps empower users to connect effortlessly on projects regardless of where they are located.

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Unlike emulator/simulator-based solutions, DeviceAnywhere employs real, physical handsets - so, anything that a user can do with a device in his / her hand, he / she can do with the handsets in DeviceAnywhere - in real-time. This includes tasks such as pressing device buttons, tapping on touch screens, connecting/disconnecting the battery, viewing the LCD, listening to ringers and speakers, and opening/closing a handset.

Through the T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab, developers have access to 70 of T-Mobile’s most popular in-market devices. New handsets will be added to the lab on a continuous basis. Among the handsets currently available is the T-Mobile Shadow, T-Mobile’s new, consumer-friendly smartphone. A Windows Mobile 6 device, the Shadow includes a slide-out keyboard, voice-activated calling and four built-in instant messaging programs.

To sign-up for this service users can simply log onto, register for a DeviceAnywhere account and add the T-Mobile VDL package to their account.


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