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More Palm Treo Pro Flash Demo Screen Capture

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Just few hours after the Treo Pro flash demo has been discovered on Palm website, the flash movie has been taken down from the web server. One forum member in TreoCentral has managed to put up a few more screen capture of it.
Palm Treo Pro

Apparently the Treo Pro has a total of 101.18MB program memory, not the 32MB we have read from the past rumor. Before you will need a expansion memory card, you can use the internal 103.05MB memory for your file storage. Like other HTC smartphone, you will have a communication manager with various quick access to toggle Airplane Mode, Phone, Bluetooth and WiFi. The Palm Treo Pro supports up to 32GB of micro SD memory card, the card slot is protected under the battery cover, although you do not need to remove the battery to insert the memory card.
Palm Treo Pro
Palm Treo Pro
Palm Treo Pro
Palm Treo Pro


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