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Bigger Storage for Samsung Smartphones

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New software from Samsung has been introduced. Apparently, it advances the demanding functions of multimedia by enhancing the performance via speedy start-up and download.

The software, which lengthens the years of the cell phone, is a system-file assisted by an efficient flash driver. The system-files that include UniFS, PocketFS and RFS can carry out usual procedure like producing, deleting, buffering, and writing data. Also, the software cut down the duration of application-design and expands the ability of the gadget to perform express video images and fine-pixel photos. And to make things easier, MoviNAND merged a MultiMediaCard regulator with NAND. This way, the system requirement for multimedia handset storage is simplified.

Young Joon Choi, Samsung’s Memory Division Vice President, says, “The new software will significantly upgrade the performance of our embedded memory solutions.”

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