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Free iPhone brain training app

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I first tried brain training on the Nintendo DS and was shocked at just how bad I was. It told me my brain age was in the 80’s! After playing the game for about a week I managed to get it below 30 but more importantly I actually felt the benefits. My brain was much sharper and I was able to concentrate far better than before.iPhone

Sadly I gave it up due to not finding enough time in the day to be playing games and things slipped back to normal. Well now thanks to Gender Studios I can now get a quick workout everyday with their newly released free iPhone app Brain Tuner.

Brain Tuner gives your brain a workout in less than a minute a day by solving simple maths problems.

Suitable for all ages give it a go and see how quickly you can improve your brain.

Brain Tuner is available to download for free at the App Store and is also available as a Google Gadget for iGoogle.


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